Free financial advice through trolling

Today I received a “Personal retirement progress report,” courtesy of my company retirement accounts which are run by Fidelity. Because residency in general is all about feedback (and because I’ll take free financial advice whenever I can get it), I was understandably curious to know Fidelity’s thoughts on my current monetary state. Their assessment? Continue reading “Free financial advice through trolling”

Living paycheck-to-paycheck on 250K/year shouldn’t be a thing

Doximity recently shared an article called “Why Doctors Live Paycheck to Paycheck,” written by the blogger Passive Income MD. The article can be found here, and discusses why many doctors, despite pulling in 250 THOUSAND DOLLARS a year, still can’t “make it” without stressing about money. Let us all take a moment to mourn these poor docs’ predicament (thanks for the accompaniment, Lebron)


Continue reading “Living paycheck-to-paycheck on 250K/year shouldn’t be a thing”

That card is costing you HOW much?

Recently, I got an email in my inbox letting me know that Delta and American Express were going out on tour to show how much they ❤ their customers. Since I was a Delta Skymiles American Express cardholder, I (and a friend of my choosing) would be able to get a free ice cream sandwich if I showed up at the date and time specified in the email. Now first off, I am never one to pass up free food–the joke/mantra in residency goes something like this:

If you see a chair, sit in it. If you see a bed, sleep in it. If you see food, eat it.

So of course, seeing that I could get ice cream on someone else’s dime (all because I picked up that card for the travel perks), I was more than willing to stop by after work. Lemme tell ya, #DeltaAmex did not disappoint! Continue reading “That card is costing you HOW much?”

Let’s talk about rent, baby: why living cheaply is so important for your financial future

When it comes to money management and budgeting, housing tends to occupy a large portion of the overall pie. For example, the median price for a 1 bedroom apartment in my neck of the woods is around $1400. But how much should one actually spend on rent? Apparently, lots of people want to know, since it’s the second suggested search that comes up when you type that into google. Continue reading “Let’s talk about rent, baby: why living cheaply is so important for your financial future”

My roommates won’t stop buying stuff, and it’s driving me bonkers

Preface: This post is mostly going to be a rant, because I feel a need to vent.

Ok, so. I live with a lovely couple: let’s call them Jack and Jill. These two are solidly middle class; although I don’t know specifics, I’d say they definitely make over 100k combined, and probably more toward the 130-140k range. They are financially savvy enough to realize that the basement in their house can be rented for additional income (that’s where I come in), but they are also so spendy that we have new things in the house like every. single. week. Recently, I feel like this spending has hit a fever pitch. In the past few months, we’ve acquired: Continue reading “My roommates won’t stop buying stuff, and it’s driving me bonkers”