Are we (all) a little obsessed with side hustles?


The online news outlet Quartz recently published an article called “Millennials are obsessed with side hustles,” which detailed–you guessed it–how the younger generation is all about having a second gig because their day jobs are so unfulfilling, or underpaid, or both.

It got me thinking… what motivates my desire for a side hustle? Obviously, I want Continue reading “Are we (all) a little obsessed with side hustles?”

Finding my way on the road less traveled

This post was prompted and inspired by the folks at–after listing out the “Commandments of FI,” they recently asked readers where they differ on their own paths to achieving their financial goals, be that early retirement, f-you money, or what have you.

I have to say, reading all that Robert Frost really just made me think of this passage: Continue reading “Finding my way on the road less traveled”

What I learned from a month of bike commuting

Bike trail to work. image credit

Hello and happy June! Is it hot in your town? Because it sure has been a warm week in mine… Our story this week concerns my tales, tips and tricks from a month of biking to work.

Although I purchased my bike about 6 months ago via the MMM-approved Nashbar, I wasn’t super motivated to use it to get to work–I much preferred to drive or take the bus. A few of my concerns included: Continue reading “What I learned from a month of bike commuting”