Buy-Nothing Month Week 4: Wrap-up + the cost of commuting

Gorgeous (free) vista from a recent hike
Backstory: I’m wrapping up a month-long challenge: here’s the intro,  update 1 and update 2.
And here we are! We’ve made it to the end of May (and the end of my month-long challenge). For those of you reading in the States, I hope your weekend has been relaxing and that you’ve had time to reflect on the meaning of Memorial Day (hint: it’s more than just grilling and sales promos at the local car dealership). If you have a minute, I’d highly recommend reading this article from the Washington Post.

Now, I have to tell y’all about a complete fail I had while commuting this week. Continue reading “Buy-Nothing Month Week 4: Wrap-up + the cost of commuting”

Buy-Nothing Month Week 3 Update: Free finds and minimalist closets

For those of you who may be new here, here’s the premise for my month-long, spend-no-money challenge, as well as weeks 1 and 2

Hello and welcome back! I was originally going to write about a different topic for this post, but then free stuff (just about) literally fell into my lap, so I’ll save that other post for a rainy day–and now that I’ve left you in suspense, let’s continue.

While hanging out with my boyfriend this weekend, one of his roommates poked her head in and said, “Hey, my sister cleaned out her closet and gave me a bunch of clothes. If you want, you can take a look and grab whatever you like.” Um, free clothes? Yes, please! I got extra lucky in that Continue reading “Buy-Nothing Month Week 3 Update: Free finds and minimalist closets”

Buy-Nothing Month Week 1 Update: Bumps in the Road

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” -Woody Allen

My month-long challenge of buying nothing had a bang-up opening week. For starters, I went to the dentist for what should have been a quick follow-up visit (I had oral surgery last month), only to be told I needed ANOTHER surgery within the next few weeks! And because I’ve already maxed out my dental benefits for the year, the cost will be completely out of pocket for me. Womp womp. Of course, I could refuse to have it done, but at this point, I’ve already invested 600-plus dollars (and a lot of recovery time and pain) in my teeth, and really don’t want to screw up my outcome just because I didn’t want to pay for this follow-up procedure (which would need to get done at some point in the future anyway). Additionally, I was informed that I will need to use a special toothpaste, which I got for the low, low cost of $17. Seventeen bucks! For toothpaste! Despite the pain it causes my frugal heart, I keep trying to remind myself that investing in my health NOW is much more cost-effective than paying the piper later for my sins of omission (and because I’d really like to avoid dentures if I can help it).

In case you were wondering, this is what $17 toothpaste looks like.

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