Challenge: Buy-Nothing Month!

Hey friends,

I am currently prepping for an upcoming project that I’m simultaneously excited and a little anxious about. It was inspired by the Frugalwoods’ Uber-Frugal Month — I’m aiming for EXTREME frugal by having a Buy-Nothing Month! Buy nothing, as in…

  • no coffee runs at the hospital
  • no going to Target just because I’m bored or think I might need something
  • DEFINITELY no shopping at the mall
  • no online shopping (Bath and Body works, get outta my inbox!)
  • no happy hours
  • no eating out
  • and worst of all… NO GROCERY STORE (by far my favorite place in the world–seriously… waaahhhhh)
GO photo.png
Farewell, dear friend…

First of all, let me say that I definitely could’ve made this a little easier on myself. Continue reading “Challenge: Buy-Nothing Month!”

How to make extra money in residency

Many financial independence blogs tout the importance of having a “side hustle,” aka an extra income stream in addition to your regular 9-to-5 job. Side hustles can include things like having a rental property, freelancing from home, or having an online shop on a site like etsy. The problem is, most side hustles take serious time (or capital… or both). So what’s a resident working 80-hour weeks to do? Read on for a few ideas I’ve found that can work well with the residency lifestyle: Continue reading “How to make extra money in residency”